Stein's is committed to being your trusted local
resource that has what you need to create the garden,
outdoor living and home of your dreams.
Let us help you grow.




We strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our expertise and knowledge in the garden, specifically Wisconsin gardens, are what made Stein's your trusted local resource for the last 75 years.





We are at our best when we work as a team, both inside our own walls and out in our communities. Our leadership team supports a positive work environment. Interested in joining the Stein's team? Well that's great! Check out our available positions.






We are conscious of the communities we engage with and the earth we live on. We are committed to finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment and being a resource to like-minded people. Want to reduce your use of water? -- We've got a rain barrel for that. Interested in starting to compost organic waste? -- We've got a composter for that. Oh and what about Stein's waste? -- We are partnering with local recycling companies to help us be green too.






We are committed to our surrounding communities. Stein's has formed partnerships with several not-for-profit organizations doing really great work. Causes we are passionate about include community gardens, pets in need of new homes, and educational programs (especially those focused on growing food). Wondering if we can help with your project? Send an email to with your name, contact information and project description. Let us know how we can help.







The first Stein flower shop opened in 1946 in Shorewood, WI. Today, Stein's has 17 locations throughout Wisconsin and is still owned by the Stein family. Joan (2nd generation owner) lives in Mequon, WI with her pup, Herschel. David and Lee (3rd generation owners) live with their families and pets in California and New York. Wisconsin is their second home and they are passionate about Stein's commitment to local communities.