Natural food and water sources for wild birds dwindle as soon as outdoor temperatures begin to drop. Here are some tips to make sure our feathered friends are well cared for this winter.



Provide high fat or oil content foods to birds for abundant energy during winter months.


Recommended foods include black oil sunflower, safflower seed, white millet, cracked corn, niger seed, raw peanuts, and suet cakes.


Fill feeders consistently, as birds will become dependent on them.



Use large capacity feeders so they do not need to be filled as often.


If possible, place feeders near protective cover, such as tree, shrubs, and evergreens so birds can rest in shelter and feel safe.


Clean feeders regularily throughout winter. More birds will be visiting your feeders and they will need to be cleaned more often to eliminate bacteria and disease.



Use bird bath heaters to provide water for hydration and bathing.


Stamp down snow under your feeders. Some birds are ground feeders and do not eat from a feeder. This will make it easier for those birds to find the seed.


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