What is guaranteed?


A one-time guarantee on all Nursery Stock items. The items will be marked with an “NS” at the beginning of the description on the receipt.



How long is the guarantee for?


2 years from the date of purchase on all Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Vines & Grasses.

1 year for Roses.



How does the guarantee program work?


In the event that a dead plant is returned to us, a Nursery Stock Credit will be issued for the amount paid, minus any store credits (including nursery) applied on the purchase. Our selection of plants, the size of a particular plant, the value of a plant and the availability will change from time to time. Because of these variables, we can only guarantee the amount of money spent. If you choose to use your nursery stock credit for a different plant of the same value that replacement plant is not guaranteed.


-Example: $50 nursery item purchased with $40 Cash + $10 store credit.  Guarantee Value = $40.



Do I need my receipt?


Yes, we are encouraging customers to save their receipts. If you are a Garden Club Member we are happy to look up the receipt at the Service Desk to process the return.



Do I have to bring back the dead plant?


Yes. All customers need to bring back the dead nursery item to redeem the guarantee.